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QuestionsHow to play Euromillions in ...... Switzerland?Why is there no Euromillions Winner Card?

Why is there no Euromillions Winner Card?

The WinnerCard was used to claim profits without special proof. Since the beginning of 2013 the card is no longer issued. The reasons for this are, above all, changes to the law.

What used to be the Euromillions WinnerCard?

If you wanted to play Euromillions, you had to have a Winner-Card until 10.01.2013, in order to be able to claim winnings directly on the spot. The card was valid at all Ecco outlets in connection with the products Euromillions, Toto-R and other lotteries. With its help it was possible to redeem local taxable profits on the spot. However, only up to a maximum of 1000 CHF and only for the mentioned lotteries.

The Winner Card could be requested by Euro millions players directly on the spot. An issuance on the Internet was also possible. For this purpose, Swisslos provided the necessary data on the official website and forwarded the data provided by the applicant directly to the headquarters of Swisslos in Basel.

That happens with the Euromillions WinnerCard

The Euromillions WinCard was abolished on 10.01.2013. The reasons are different. In the first place, the card was abolished because the 35% withholding tax has not been deducted from the profit any more since the date mentioned. For this reason, there was no longer any need for the Euromillions Winner-Card from 10.01.2013. Profits can now be claimed completely without VAT.

If you want to play euromillions, you will have less problems in Switzerland, to get the respective winnings directly at the receiving office. The Winner Card was thus a card that enabled Euromillions players and participants of other lotteries to collect smaller winnings directly at one of the sales outlets. One reason for the abolition was also the problems, which could occur, for example, in connection with changes to the personal data. Participants had to inform Swisslos immediately of changes to the personal information in order to ensure a further payout via Winner-Card.

In addition, the Winner Card did not necessarily allow an immediate payout at one of the sales outlets. A payout via Winner-Card was only possible if the sales office actually had the necessary cash amount. Otherwise, winners had to pay out the respective amount at another sales point, directly at the head office in Basel or in a quite vintage way via transaction. The abolition of the Winner Card does not solve these problems completely, but is still associated with a simpler payout for people who play Euromillions.