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Reliably pick up your Euromillions jackpot

Congratulations on the Euromillions Jackpot! – But how does the money actually get to your home and what is there to consider during the transfer?

Contact your advocate

If the winning numbers are correct and a high jackpot beckons, a lawyer should be consulted first. He can handle the processing and is also a good consultant for legal matters. After all, there is a lot of uncertainty about money. How and where do I submit my ticket? What happens after that? Where does the money fetch up?

All of these questions can be answered by the attorney, whereby the lottery center itself also provides a consultant. Really necessary, a lawyer is, of course, when there are problems. Maybe one of the guessed numbers was not scanned correctly or the lottery winnings are not recognized for any other reason. Then an attorney is needed, who tries to find a solution together with the lottery center.

Pick up your winnings reliably: Here’s how you do it!

Smallest winnings can be collected at the respective acceptance point. In order to avoid problems, the winning ticket should be kept safely and safely transported to the acceptance point. Once arrived, you may receive your amount. Usually there is a bank nearby where the money can be deposited.

If you want, the profit can also be transferred directly to your own bank account. This takes longer, but there is a certainty that the money will be secure. In addition, the transfer functions as an additional receipt. First, however, a new bank account should be created.

Winnings and security: Open a new bank account

In order to be safe from fraudsters and also to have time and a certain discretion, it is useful to open a new account directly after your winning. This is where the amount which can be discreetly transferred to with no sense of urgency.

You do not have to worry about security because the data in the new account is not in circualtion yet. So there are some things to keep in mind in order to securely pick up the money from the Euromillions. Anyone who transfers money to a new account, however, is on the safer side.