Current Jackpot

The Superjackpot

The Superjackpot - or Super Draw - was distributed at the Euromillions for the first time in February 2007. This is a special draw in which the regular jackpot is raised to at least € 100 million.
This can happen at the Euromillions on up to three dates a year. This special jackpot is usually used to celebrate a certain event, e.g. an anniversary related to the lottery.

Amount in the jackpot

With the introduction of the Superjackpot the jackpot of the Euromillions can be raised to the next draw with immediate effect to at least 100 million euros. Otherwise, the Super Draw is not the same as a regular jackpot, the only difference is that the upper limit of 190,000,000 euros can be antedated by a few weeks.

Where does the money come from?

The additional money for the increased jackpot of the Euromillions comes from a separate pot, which is collected during the regular draws over the year. From all the stakes made in the Euro millions, a certain percentage will be retained and collected for the Superjackpot.