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Euromillions Superjackpot-winners 2008

The super-drawss where the Superjackpot can be won are particularly interesting for the players because the payout is much higher in than the normal draw. The normal jackpot comprises at least 15 million euros, in itself a considerable sum, but with the Superjackpot it is at least 100 million euros and can grow up to 130 million euros. Since its launch in 2007 the Superjackpot has been won 14 times. Generally, 2 superweaks take place each year.

In 2008 there were 2 draws of the Superjackpots, the first on 8 February and the second on 26 September. In both draws, 130 million Euro were in the Superjackpot, which however could not be cracked. According to the rules of the lottery of Euromillions, the prize money of the Superjackpots was split between the 16 and 15 players of the second winning class, which unexpectedly made them multimillionaires.