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Euromillions Superjackpot-winners 2009

The year 2009 was a very successful year for the players of Euromillions. In that year, there were 2 super-drafts, the first on 6 March and the second on 18 September 2009.

In both draws the Superjackpot amounted to 100 million euros each and it was hit in both draws. At the first draw in March there were 2 lucky winners and a Frenchman and an Austrian shared the jackpot. Both of them were able to see more than 50 million euros more in their accounts. In the second drawing in September, on the other hand, a Frenchman was smiled upon by Fortuna and managed to crack the Superjackpot. Since he was the only winner, he did not need to share the 100 million euros with anyone.