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Euromillions Superjackpot-winners 2011

In 2011 there were 2 draws of the Superjackpots in total, as it was the average of the previous years. The first draw took place on 10 May and the second on 4 October 2011. The Superjackpot could be cracked for both draws.

It is quite certain that the Spaniard, who won the Superjackpot on May 10, started quite relaxed in the summer holidays, since he could be pleased with a nice holiday bonus of 121 million euros. The British couple Angela and Dave Dawes, who won the Superjackpot in the second draw of the year, were just as lucky. They could rejoice at the enormous amount of 118 million euros. However, the huge winnings did not do any good to their marriage as there were severe disputes about how the money should be invested. According to rumors, the former couple now lives separate from each other.