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Euromillions Superjackpot-winners 2015


As in 2013, there were also three Superfackpot drawings in 2015. The first was held on 6 March, the second on 5 June and the third on 6 November.

The winners are from countries where the gamblers apparently have the luck of the devil: the UK and Portugal. The first draw in March brought a Portuguese an unexpected bonanza because he won the Superjackpot with the amount of 100 million euros on first attempt. In June, a Briton secured the Superjackpot. Since he was only able to win after the third draw, the Superjackpot had by then accumulated to 129 million euros. A Portuguese couple got even luckier taking part in the draw in November. They won nearly 164 million euros. Husband and wife are in their fifties and live in the university town of Coimbra in the center of the country. The Portuguese Finance Minister is also pleased with the profit, as 20% of the lottery winnings are taxed in the country.